Thursday, February 12, 2009

HP2133 Mini-Note PC The Little wonder for DBAs.

If you don't know it by know is because you haven't read my articles, but I am an enthusiastic in technology and an early adopter of it. I just love technology and I can't live without it.

For sometime I have been looking for an inexpensive laptop, small size but powerful enough that I could have my Oracle database and programs on it, and carry it every where I go without the need for a heavy laptop bag. Also the most important feature I was looking for was no Windows on it, yes I am more than disappointed with Windows Vista although I own several computers that have it installed.

I am glad to announce that I believe I got to the end of the journey in my finding, I recently got an HP2133 Mini-Note PC equipped with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1 and I just love it.

This Laptop has a price tag of $349 (at least by the time I bought it) from comes with 1GB RAM and a powerful 120GB hard drive, and for $20 you can get a 2GB memory SDIMM from (BTW there is a handy video in Youtube that explains how to add the memory), HP sales it for $399, but I am sure you can get it for around $311 from other Inte
rnet sites like Provantange.

It comes with the following


Lifestyle: Business


Condition: New

Operating Systems: SUSE Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1.

Startup Operating System: SUSE Enterprise Desktop 10 SP1.

Platform: Notebook PC

Expansion Ports: 1 - Express Card Slot/54

Display Type: WXGA

Viewable Screen Size: 8.9"

Maximum Resolution: 1280 x 768

Processor Brand: VIA

Processor Class: C7-M

Processor Speed: 1.60GHz

Processor Cache: 128KB L2

Memory Type: DDR2

Memory Size: 2GB

Memory Speed: DDR2 667

Memory Slots (Total): 1

Memory Slots (Available): 0

Maximum Memory Supported: 2GB

Graphics Description: Integrated Graphics

GPU/VPU: VIA® Chrome9™

Video Memory: Up to 256MB Shared

Video Interface: VGA

Capacity: 120GB

Optical Drive Type: N/A

Supplemental Drive Type: Media Reader

Capacity: 1

Media Types: SecureDigital

Audio Description: Integrated Audio

Audio Chipset: ADI High Definition Codec

PS/2 Mouse Connectors: N/A

PS/2 Keyboard Connectors: N/A

Serial Communication Ports: N/A

Parallel Ports: N/A

USB Ports: 2

FireWire Ports: N/A

Fast Infrared Ports (FIR): N/A

LAN Ports: 1

Modem Ports: N/A

Audio Out Jacks: 1

Line In Jacks: N/A

Microphone Jacks: 1

VGA Ports: 1

S-Video Connectors: N/A

DVI Video: N/A

Port Replicator/Connector: N/A

Communications Description: Integrated LAN

Integrated Wireless LAN

Integrated Bluetooth

Interface Type: RJ-45 Ethernet Connector


Broadcom 802.11a/b/g WLAN

Data Transfer Rate: 10/100/1000Mbps Network

54 Mbps

Bluetooth 2.0

Protocols: 802.11b



Width: 10.04", 255 mm

Height: 27 mm, 1.05"

Depth: 6.5", 165 mm

Weight: 2.6 lbs

1.19 kg

Mouse Type: Touch Pad

Scrolling Capability: Scroll Zone

Keyboard Type: Spill Resistant

Battery Type: 6-Cell Lithium-ion

Battery Life: Up to 4.5 hours

I was able to install Oracle 10gR2 on it with the help of my friend Nick Donatone from Oracle, the biggest challenge was to get installed the pre-required packages for Oracle like gcc and gcc++, etc. This laptop comes with no CD ROM nor DVD ROM, but I believe you can buy one optional or you can just get an external USB CD-ROM drive (No that you need one)

The packages you need to install Oracle comes with the software which you can download from Novell (NOTE: Just install the packages you need and no more than that) , Novell support tells me that this is an special edition of SUSE for HP, therefore not all open source software will work on it.

For the price tag that this computer has, all the features on it, and the flexibility it represents I will say this is a must buy.

So far Pros and Cons:

- Support from HP for matters with the OS could be a lot better.
- Support from Novel has been great so far (thanks Jack Hodge).
- The speakers are great
- The keyword is good enough and you can always get an USB keyword, mouse and connect it to
and external display and you won't have any problems with it.
- The Webcam does not work in SUSE Linux but, I heard there is a way to make it work with a
open source driver.
- The battery life is about 2 hours, I am thinking in getting the extended battery (gives you 4 hours)
- It is very light.
- It warms up a bit at the bottom while you use it for extended periods.
- It comes pack with plenty of neat Open source software such as Open office.
- The wireless is very reliable.
- I wish the processor were faster, but this is just good enough.
- I love the touch pad technology HP implemented here, it has an scroll zone that simulates that
third mouse button.

In conclusion I give to it a 3.5 rating out of 5.

This is what it needs to be a 5 out of 5.

- HP Support improvements.
- Webcam working out of the box with SUSE.
- Faster CPU.