Wednesday, October 14, 2009

-- Oracle Opeworld Keynotes --

Hello Everybody

I have been this week at the Oracle Openworld, I will be posting some of the technical information, 11.2 highlights and pictures I got soon. Today is the day where we expect the annual speech from Larry Ellison with great products and news of whatever is to come.

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The Keynote was started by S. Gopalakrishnan from Infosys, he was talking about the game changing trends of IT leads to innovation.

  • Simplicity on Organizational Complexity.
  • Value Webs (Creating better customer insight, Innovation through Co-creation,
  • Smarter Organization (Better learning through collaboration and personalization)
Were some of his most important highlights.

Larry starting talking about how the Linux business is important for Oracle, they have now more than 4,000 customers running OEL or Oracle VM.

He spend some time talking about the "Database Machine" (Exadata 2), It is a Sun Sparc server
- World fastest machine for OLTP, it contains 5TB, and yes that is TB of flash memory data. More than 400TB for DRAM, yes it is impressive, never the less very costly too.

As per Ellison he said that it is 4 times fastest than the faster IBM server for the same cost, been more green and taking a lot less space and energy consumption. Exadata offers columnar D/W compression which in query mode archives 10x compression, in Archive mode it achieves 15x compression. You can add capacity as needed to the database machine, they offer a massive parallel grid and there is not single point of failure. The database machine comes pre-configured, it is ready to use on day one, it eliminates months of configuration troubleshooting and tuning, as per Ellison you do not have to do any changes to it.

The database machine comes on different sizes and prices stating with the simple configuration at a value of $110,000 which is not fault tolerant.

As per Ellison the database machine offers the fastest OLTP and DW performance, offers best cost performance, is fault tolerant and scalable on demand.

  The Governor of California Arnold did a surprised entrance in the middle of Larry's speech and spoke about the importance of technology and how technology has helped him on his career and the importance for the future of California and humanity in general. He mentioned that California is 40% more energy efficient than any other state in the US.

Larry next topic was about proactive product problem detection, so Oracle can notify you of potential problems in your installation and patches that they recommend for you to apply.

There was as well a presentations of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g and some of the new features.  To close the keynotes Larry spoke about Oracle Fusion coexisting strategy, he plead to the current customers to move to this new platform so they can make use of the new technology, however he was clear saying that the customers has the choice to not move and they will continue to get supported.